Money Managers Platforms

As a Money Manager you will find Sunbird to be the best partner for you and for your clients.

We offer three options to help you manage your clients and funds. All of them facilitate trading multiple accounts with a  single click execution and with a variety of Allocation types.

Money managers can leverage our knowledge, technology and services to provide quality service and consistent transparency to your customers. You can use our propriety MT4 MAM to trade with your Master account using an Expert Advisor.

Individual clients can log on to their account and view in real-time all open positions, P&L, and trading history 24 hours a day.

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MetaTrader 4.0 MultiTerminal

The MetaTrader 4 Multi Terminal is designed for managing multiple accounts simultaneously.


  • Unlimited number of accounts.
  • Supports all types of orders.
  • Reporting system.
  • Flexible workspace.
  • Doesn’t support Expert Advisor. 
  • Enables the closing of all trades or closings by currency for all accounts.

Variety of Lots Allocations options:

  • Predefined volume
  • Total volume for each order
  • Equal parts
  • By equity ratio
  • By free margin ratio

MetaTrader 4.0 EA Enabled MAM

A unique system developed by Sunbird R&D team, this system allocates trades done by a master account exactly and at the precise same execution prices to its managed slave accounts.

How does it work?

After completing the paper work and signing the power of attorney to your money manager, all you need to do is set the leverage or the multiplayer in relation to the Algo Trading positions.

Important information:

  • You can operate the master account manually or via an Expert Advisor.
  • The system allows all kind of orders including partial closing of an existing position.
  • You, as a slaved managed account, can trade freely on your MT4 platform regardless of your manager.
  • Managed accounts can intervene in an existing position, but as soon as you do, you will disconnect the manger from this specific position and you will now be managing the position by yourself. (The next position opened by the manager will continue allocating it to your account.)
  • As a managed account you can be controlled by an unlimited number of managers.
  • A manager account can control an unlimited number of managed accounts.
  • Managed and master accounts operate on a regular MT4 terminal.
  • A managed account defines the position size as a multiplayer of the master's position. For example: if the master always trades a 0.1 lot (10,000) and you setup your multiplayer to be 2.7, for every 0.1 lot traded on the maser account a 0.27 (27,000) position will be opened at your account.
    Important! A managed account can trade a similar or greater position size then the masters but never smaller.

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