Silver Trading

Until about 10 years ago, anyone who wanted to trade silver had only two options: the first was to trade silver stocks or ETF’S in the US stock market, and the second option, which was also the expensive one, was to trade silver directly through the Chicago commodities market. Over the years, as the world of trading made a significant progress, the ability to trade silver online has become available for anyone who has a computer with an online connection. Today, the main instrument for silver trading is silver CFD.

Online Silver trading accelerated during the year 2000 as the global economies underwent sharp growth and the demand for all kind of metals, including the silver, grew drastically. Silver trading reached its height when the US was hit with a recession, and investors had to look for alternatives to stocks. Such an alternative was metal trading, such as copper, silver and gold. These commodities have multiplied their prices several times over since crisis began. The reason for this is that investors believed silver was a safe-port in times of storms, so they moved their investment to silver trading.

In addition, silver trading platforms gives one the opportunity to earn money even when silver prices fall. For example, on May 2011, the US regulator set new rules and restrictions to eliminate speculation in the silver trading market. These new rules caused a sharp drop in silver prices, but many traders were able to take advantage of this by opening short positions allowing them earn significant profits.

In conclusion, online trading CFD silver with the SunbirdFX forex MT4 platforms allows for easy and advanced trading. The MetaTrader 4 platform gives the silver trader the option to set automatic orders that will be triggered when a certain signal is sent from the trading platform. The ability to trade silver simply, enlarges the variety of investment channels for any kind of trader.

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