Trading CFD

  • Allows unlimited rapid trading (scalping)

    Sunbird welcomes all types of traders, including scalpers. Our ECN platform allows you to close a CFD position within seconds after it has been opened.

  • Trade commodities, CFD's and forex from all over the world using a single trading platform.

    In the past, commodities such as goldoil, and silver could only be traded by institutional brokers. Today, direct online CFD trading is available under Sunbird's advanced platform. All you need to do is look for the relevant symbol of the commodity you would like to trade and start trading the CFD of this commodity. Trading metals & commodities is no longer dependent on the banks alone and there is no need for multiple platforms.

  • No limits on order placements, stop loss and profit taking (provided that the requested rate is not within the spread).

    You can protect your position with stop loss orders that will be triggered when the CFD reaches the price you set. By using the stop loss order for CFD trading, you avoid stress and fear. Likewise, you can set proofing taking orders, so you will not have to watch the monitor constantly. Such an order will assure that you will take the profit when the CFD hits the levels you want. All types of orders can be put in the system without any limitations.

  • Leverage for up to 100:1, significantly lowering trading costs compared to actually buying the assets.

    Buying the actual asset from the commodities stock market can be extremely expensive and you will probably need hundreds of thousands of US dollars in cash. Sunbird provides leverage of 1:100 that removes the obligation of buying large sizes when trading assets. The outcome is that trading CFD dramatically reduces trading costs.

  • Gain even from small market movements.

    Unlike currencies, which are traded in pips (1:10000), commodities are trades in points (USD). Therefore, a slight change in a CFD's price might produce large profits.

  • Short sell on Assets you normally couldn't.

    Now you can gain even when an Asset falls. Sunbird's advanced platform allows opening a short sell position and gives the opportunity to earn money even when the CFD is declining. 

  • Low spreads

    Low spreads have a high impact on your balance with any kind of trading, including CFD trading. Sunbird offers the lowest spreads to assure that you will have the closest experience to the real assets market.

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