Terms and Conditions

Billing by Blonde Bear OU, Laeva tn2, Tallinn City, Harju County, 10111.By clicking "I Agree" or "I Accept", the Client accepts the terms and conditions of this Agreement and any documents incorporated by reference therein.

The company is involved in the operation of online systems which enable the performance of transaction relation to the exchange rates of a variety of currencies in the international currency markets, financial instruments, derivatives and commodities, by the use of various platforms and brands ( hereinafter sunbirdfx ). This agreement applies to the Internet website of the company ( hereinafter “The site”) and The company systems inclusive ( as defined henceforth) and the electronic content and software included in the site’ which provides you information, in real time, about the exchange rate of international currencies’ financial instruments, derivatives and commodities and about The company systems (as defined henceforth) for the performance of trading transactions on foreign currencies, financial instruments, derivatives and commodities (henceforth “The Services”) and over any feature, content and/or services which The company may add or provide you in the future. The company is providing its services directly to its customers and/or by means of third parties authorized by it from time, to time to provide such services. This agreement is intended to encompass the relationship between the company and the customer, in relation to the trading activity of the customer through the company, and among others to organize the issues and points which the company is required to fulfill in connection with this activity, according to law. The customer must carefully read the entire agreement, obtain al explanations and clarifications to his requests and to his full satisfaction, to understand and agree to its entire content and the implications thereof , prior to signing it. The customer hereby statesthat all the details, information, the documents and documentation he provided to the company today are true, complete, and precise and updated. The customer is obligated to inform the company in writing of any change which will occur in the details supplied by him to the company. The customer declares that any copy of a document supplied by him to the company whether by mail, fax or other electronic means, is a genuine copy of the original document. The preamble to this agreement and all the addendums are inseparable part of this agreement.

1. Definitions

Trmhe following tes in this agreement will have the significance written next to them, unless it was otherwise stated in this agreement:
1.1 “System” means an electronic system programmed to enable trading in services over the internet, including The company platforms as defined above.
1.2 “Rates” mean the exchange rates of foreign currencies and/or rates or prices of financial instruments, derivatives and commodities which the system offers and is based on indicative rates which the various financial systems provide, as the ongoing rates which are updated in the financial markets.
1.3 “Markets” mean the international financial markets in which are set the exchange rates of currencies, under free trade, prices of financial instruments, derivatives and commodities, and other markets in which different financial assets are traded.
1.4 “Business Day” means one calendar day which starts at 00:00 and end at 23:59, according to the local clock. 1.5 “Transaction” means buying/selling of a financial asset and/or commodity in consideration of quantity or set price, or buying/selling or exchange of one currency against another, in a particular business day.
1.6 “Closure” means the reverse transaction intended to close an open position (the sale of a financial asset that was bought earlier or vice versa) in the amount identical to that outlaid in the original transaction on the same business day.
1.7 “Contract” means obligation to buy/ sell financial asset and/or commodity in a predetermined price.
1.8 “Rolling transaction” is a change of day in the value of the transaction which was opened for two business days from the day of its execution.
1.9 “Collateral” means the sums you deposited with The company after the deduction of losses and with the addition of gains derived from the transactions and after the deduction of withdrawals.
1.10 “Stop loss” means the rate in which a transaction will be executed, contrary to existing position, which was found to be under loss in comparison to the market rates.
1.11 “Limit” means the rate in which a transaction will be executed, contrary to an existing; position which is found to be in a gain, compared to the market.
1.12 “Trading Week”, means the period in which transactions are executable through the system, which starts on the Sunday of each week at 22:00 GMT (Greenwich Time) and ends on Friday at 21:00 (Greenwich Time) of the same week except on official holidays in USA and Europe through the operators of the company.
1.13 “Trading hours for financial asset and/or commodity” – a table advertised on the company’s website detailing the trading hours and breaks during each day of the week.

2. Suitability of the customer and his competency to enter into agreements

The company services are available and therefore the use only of people and/or organizations which are authorized to enter into obligation agreements under the laws of the country of their residence. In addition the services are not available to users who are less than 18 years of age or in any other manner under the legal age (henceforth “Minors”). These services are also not available to people who are not judicially fit or not authorized to sign obligating agreements under the laws of the country of their residence. If you are a minor or judicially unfit, you can’t use this service. In order to remove any doubt, The company will not be responsible, in any shape or form, for any unauthorized use of its services by minors or those who are judicially unfit. It is the responsibility of the customer who uses the company services, to check and verify that this does not contradict any law or rule which he is subject to. In addition the customer must comply with any legal obligation he is subject to, or will be subject to in the future, as a result of this affiliation with the company and the use of its services. Furthermore, the services are available for use by people who have sufficient experience and knowledge in financial matters, to be able to assess the advantages and risks in the acquisition of financial contracts and the execution of transactions and who do it without the reliance on information included in the site. To remove any doubt The company is not obligated to verify and/or check whether you have the knowledge and/or sufficient experience as mentioned above, and will not be responsible for any damage and/or loss which was caused to you as a result of information and/or insufficient experience. In addition it is made clear that The company is not responsible for the accuracy of the information published by it on the site and/or any other media and any mention or publication of any information item must be regarded as unsubstantiated in regard to conducting the activity and risks by you. We empha to you that you must verify that all the information you need was checked by you through applying to external information sources, to your satisfaction, prior to any activity on your behalf within the company.
2.2 The use of the website and/or the system is according to a limited license given to the customer personally and exclusively. It is not transferable and is subject to the provisions of this agreement. It is prohibited to transfer and/or to guide and/or to allow another to make use of the license and/or to act in the customer’s account. Moreover, it is prohibited to provide the user name and password to the website to another person beside the customer. Any action or any damage, caused to the customer’s account, the company and/or other customers by the breach of this Agreement will be the customer’s responsibility alone.
2.3 All the transactions, including deposits and withdrawals of funds are the customer’s responsibility. Moreover, all the equipment required to the customer as an end-user for proper activity in the system is the customer’s responsibility, including protecting the user name and password.

3. Customer’s account

3.1 Following the customer registration to the company services, the customer will be requested to provide personal identification information. The purpose of this procedure, among others, is to assist the authorities to fight the financing of terror organizations and money launderings. The customer must verify that the information provided to the company contains complete and precise data, and is not pretending to be another person and/or another legal entity. The customer will be required to present identification documents. Not providing the required documents will prevent the customer from being registered as the company’s client. In case the customer had been registered as incorporation and/or business entity, this agreement will constitute a declaration that the customer holds the authority to make this business connection.
3.2 With the signing of this agreement by the customer, The company or any agent on its behalf will open an account under the customer’s name in the trading system. The account and other relevant data will be according to the Information supplied to the company by the customer. The customer must verify That the information provided to the company contains complete and precise data. It is emphad that providing erroneous information might be considered a violation of the law and will result in the immediate freeze of the account or it deletion.
3.3 The customer is aware that The company will open a trading account for him only after the deposit of a minimal amount, which was set by the company, from time to time, according to its exclusive discretion. The account and its personal details will be according to the information provided by the customer.
3.4 With the consent of the customer to all the conditions of this agreement, the customer authorized The company or a qualified agent on its behalf, to perform for him orders and activities according to the customer’s instructions or according To instruction given by the customers authorized agents in writing and/or verbally, and all under the powers given to The company under this agreement.
3.5 In order to remove any doubt, the execution of any transaction in the accounts is subject to the deposit of the collateral. The company will not permit the execution of any transaction without the said deposit and/or if the deposit is not sufficient for the said transaction and the execution in this case will be subject to the company policy from time to time. To remove any doubt, if The company will permit you to perform transaction prior to a final confirmation that collateral was deposited in your account and The company discovers that no collateral was deposited, The company will have the right to deduct from any profit which will be due to you from the company, the sum you were supposed to deposit in order to perform your activates in the system. The company will hold all the funds on your behalf and will be authorized to deposit them in any financial institution. If a transaction is executed and eventually found that there is not sufficient collateral to collect the transaction, The company retains the right to decrease the transaction and/or contact you in order to correct the collateral and / or demand from you full payment for any monetary shortage which might be caused as a result of the transaction development at any time. It is emphad that this right by The company does not constitute an obligation and/or any responsibility to decrease a transaction of any kind and you will have no right to claim anything as per losses which occur due to it not being decreased, or if it was decreased.
3.6 To remove any doubt, it is hereby made clear that The company has the right, under its sole discretion and with an advance notices to the customer, to change, from time to time, the conditions which apply to the use of the system and the collateral sum required to execute transactions by you.
3.7 After the account is opened The company will issue you a personal ID code (hereinafter “Access Code”) for your exclusive use in activating your account over the Internet. You are irrevocably hereby obligated to guard this access code, not to transfer it to another entity and waive any claims against The company in connection with an unauthorized use of the access code.

4. Obligation of the company :

4.1 the company has the skills and the knowledge needed to provide the services.
4.2 The activity hours during which the company will provide customers support will be indicated on the website and will be adjusted from time to time according to the company sole reasoning.
4.3 Thecompany Will not provide any consulting to any of its customers. Any information that may be found in the The company site or in any other of its publications can’t be considered as financial advice or guidance for any purpose is it whatever it may be. Yet The company may, under your specific request, provide you with information related to foreign currencies, exchange rates, financial instruments, derivatives and commodities. It is hereby made clear that the checking into its accuracy and/or correctness is your sole responsibility.
4.4 The company will not expose information and details about its customers, unless so required by the law. The company is permitted but not obligated to to review and supervise the information provided to the customer for any cause, according to its sole consideration. By this agreement the customer declares his consent that the company will not have any commitment or take any responsibility for its actions. The company is allowed to document the information it receives from the customer by any means of documentation.

5. Obligations of the Client ("you") :

5.1 All the details which will be provided by the client to The company will be accurate and complete. The client is an adult above 18 years of age, fit and authorized to commit under the conditions of this agreement The client is an investor with financial knowledge and experience, in order to understand and independently asses the risks involved in the actions resulting from this agreement. The client is aware that services are available and reserved only for individuals or business that can establish a legally binding contract under the law applicable in their country of residence.
5.2 You are the owner and sole beneficiary of the account. In case you are not the sole beneficiary of the account, you have the duty to fill out and sent the company the “Joint Account Form”. The customer must indicate the names of the other beneficiaries on the declaration form.
5.3 You know that The company is unable to control your activities and therefore you must check the laws which apply to you and/or your activity, according to the rules of the place of your residence, and act according to them. 5.4 You understand that the laws regarding financial contract do differ from country to country and that it is your obligation to find that you are in full compliance with the laws, the rules and guidelines which belong to the country of your residence, as per the use of the site.
5.5 To remove any doubt, the actual ability to access the The company site, does not imply that the services and your activity comply with all the laws, rules and guidelines practiced in the country of your residence.
5.6 You hereby confirm that you conducted the necessary investigation and found that there is no legal obstruction which prevents you from using the system or the execution of transaction as described in this agreement. It must be emphad that the services should not be used where their use is illegal. The company retains the right to refuse and/or cancel services or part of to a customer, at any time, under its sole discretion and without the need to explain, among other in cases in which The company will discover that you are conducting activity which is not covered by law.
5.7 All the funds deposited in your account from time to time are from a legal source, are not the profits of crime or violation, including profits from dealing drugs or activity with other prohibited substances or profits derived from illegal trade in arms, unlawful gambling, prostitution, terror money etc. in addition you obligate to comply with all the instruction of the law which prohibits money laundering and you are aware that if the company will discover you violated your obligations as said and/or that your statements as said are inaccurate and/or un true, then an irrevocable instruction is given to the company to block the account from performing activities and report , if needed , to the authorities.
5.8 The customer agrees to indemnify and/or compensate the company, its directors, its employers and its agents for any loss and/or damage and/or responsibility and/or cost that will be caused to the company or to its behalf from not standing in the agreement terms, violation of the agreement or violation of the rules and/or instructions. In case the customer will indemnify and/or compensate the company, its directors, its employers and its agents, the company will be allowed to set off the customer’s debt from his accounts.
5.9 You are aware of the risks involved in the execution of transaction described in this agreement and that you have read and understood the addendum of risks disclosure, which is inseparable part of this agreement and agree to all its conditions.
5.10 The customer hereby declares that only capital and/or funds that he is able to risk, and its lost will not damage him essentially will use him for trading in his account. The customer is aware that if he does not hold other capital beside the investment in the trading account , it is recommended that he will avoid trading in the forex market.
5.11 You confirm that you are solely responsible for the acts and orders for performance in your account, whether performed by you personally or by and agent or a person with power of attorney or by The company reps who comply with your instructions. In addition you agree that The company and/or its rep and/or anyone on its behalf will not be liable to you in any way for the results of such acts and/or instructions.
5.12 You are aware that The company does not supply any equipment and it is not a provider of Internet services and therefore will not be liable directly or indirectly, for any failure of your terminal equipment, or any other equipment which was not supplied by The company and/or any other fault, including the connection to the Internet and/or any computer software or bugs and / or errors in the software, including delay in the transfer of your instructions or their late receipt. You will be responsible to provide and maintain the means by which you will access the site, including a personal computer, modem telephone or any other access line. You will be responsible for the fees, usage cost, license, operation etc. which require payment for the purpose of access and service needed for the connection with the site. You will accept all the charges resulting from access to these systems. 5.13 You undertake all the risks connected with the use and storage of information in your personal computer or any other computer, with which you will access the site and the service (hereinafter “The computer” or “Personal Computer”) You declare and obligate that you already perfumed and/or intend to perform and maintain an adequate protection as per the access and control of the computer, computer viruses, material, installations, information or data which might be damaging or unfit. You agree that The company will not be liable to you in any way in the event of failure or damage or destruction in the computing system, data or your records, or part of them or due to delays, loss, errors, and missions as a result of the fault or the incorrect treatment of telephonic equipment, computer or software. That you will not transfer in anyway, directly or indirectly to The company and will not expose it or any of its online service providers, to any virus or inappropriate installation which may be damaging in the same way.
5.14 The customer commits that he is trading in a proper form and for real speculative profit and is not trying to take advantage of holes in the trading system (sniping) if by manual trading, black box or experts or any other way of attempt to buy/sell at a price that is not the real market price, or by putting multiple future orders of small differences, or by putting quick orders of in/out, or by requesting a price via IP connection that is not in the range of the indicative exchange rates. In case the company revealed an attempt to take advantage of its trading system, the company holds the right to cancel trading profits which are a direct outcome of this attempt. The customer hereby gives up any claim against the company regarding the set off of these profits.
5.15 The customer is fully aware to the fact that by using electronic trading software (Experts or EA or robots), the customer is exposed to further risks involving computer software, internet, communication systems and interfaces connected to the company. The customer hereby declares that he accepts all the risks involved in using these systems and, among other, include and not limited to hardware crash, software, lines, systems and/or wrong data feeding from external data providers. Moreover, it is known to the customer that there is no trading system without occasional failures, and there is no system that can guarantee 100% profits or is not exposed to loss.
5.16 The customer declares that he has the knowledge and the experience and the proper infra-structure to trade by using an expert , the customer agrees that the company will not bear any responsibility for any failure that occurs because of an unfit infrastructure or failure of the algoritm or the trading systems or the supportive trading systems, or the minimizing damages mechanism.
5.17 You are aware that The company does not represent, commit or guarantee that: 5.17.1 You will be able to access the site, or use it in the times and location which you choose or that The company will have the capacity in the site in general, or in any geographical location the site will provide uninterrupted service and error free.
5.17.2 In addition you are aware that The company will not be responsible for the inability to execute instructions and requirements due to failure in the operation of the information’s systems that was caused by defects of any kind.
5.18 You will report your activity to and government authority or other tax authority, as you may be required under the laws that apply to you or the country of your residence and that you will pay all government taxes, fees, tolls and debts connected with the activity in your account, including required deductions and you hereby remove any claim against The company in this regard. In spite that is said in this section, if and in case that it may be found the company must withhold tax in lieu of your activity, you give the company, a priori, you consent to withhold the sums required by the law.
5.19 You have read the entire agreement and understood its content and implications, including the risk of losing the full collateral, prior to accepting it conditions. if you have any questions regarding this Agreement, you may contact immediately the Customer Support department of the Company.
5.20 That you know the company is not acting as a portfolio consultant and/or portfolio manager.
5.21 That you are aware that all the rates which are shown in the trading system are indicative based on updated trading rates from the international currency markets. You are aware and consent that the company does not and can’t have complete and absolute obligation to execute any of your instructions, under the indicative rates displayed in the trading system. Only a final confirmation of the execution of a transaction is proof of execution of your instruction.
5.22 You are aware that The company will not be liable, in anyway, due to claims, legal suits, disputes, losses, expenses, damages etc, which you will incur as a result of relying on any information supplied by The company.

6. Collateral

6.1. In order for you to start using the system to perform transactions, you are required to deposit funds in a bank account or credit card , which The company will prove you its details, so it can serve as collateral for the transactions described in this agreement.
6.2. The means for deposit in which the customer may use to deposit funds to his trading account are advertised on the website. We hereby clarify that credit card payments are subject to the rules of the credit company.
6.3. The company will have all the rights and authority as per the collateral, till you withdraw it. The company will have the right to act on the collateral fund to realize its rights under this agreement, including the realization or forfeiture of part or all of the collateral funds.
6.4. Any gain accumulated by your transactions, will be added to your account, as complementary collateral. Any loss caused by your transactions will be deducted from your account.
6.5. To remove any doubt, the positive balance in your account will generate no interest.
6.6. The customer will not have any legal or financial claims due to delays and/or differences caused by exchange rates calculations of the credit companies and/or commissions and/or any other charge of the credit company. Similarly, the customer will have no claim towards the company for delays and/or differences caused by the financial system, banks, or any other system that provide funds transfer.
6.7. Any failure, from any reason, because of which the company did not receive the collateral or the securities required from customer – will not harm the company right to sue from customer any debt and/or indemnification due to his signature on this agreement, and its realization by the company.

7. Additional deposits, withdrawal and account closure

7.1 Any instruction to withdraw the available collateral at a given time, whether partially of in full, including all the accumulated profits (but not future profits) – will be sent by you on the form for fund withdrawal, which shows as addendum c to this agreement. This instruction must be given to The company in advance of at least 7 business days.
7.2 You are entitled to deposit in your account more funds that will serve as collateral to the transactions. Terms of this agreement will apply to all funds so deposited.

8. Legally authorized persons

8.1 You are entitled to inform The company, from time to time, of any person or people you authorized to make contact with The company on your behalf. Such information will be sent to The company only with the Power of Attorney form, attached to this agreement as addendum B. also the revocation of such power of attorney will be done in writing. In order to remove any doubt, any person or people you authorized to communicate and act on your behalf, will be seen as if accepted, understood and consented to the instructions of this agreement.
8.2 Instructions which will be sent verbally or in writing for the performance of a transaction, by your authorized representative, will obligate you and The company, for any cause and purpose.

9. Recording of phone conversations and keeping records.

9.1 The company or/ and agent on its behalf have the right (but not the obligation) to record and/or to document any phone conversation. The customer agrees that the company will record the phone conversation, without any automatic sound alert mechanism, and he will have no objection or claim in this regard.
9.2 The company or any authorized agent on its behalf will keep copies of any written instruction obtained from you for a period it will set under its exclusive discretion. Furthermore, The company or any authorized agent on its behalf will maintain records of all your transactions.
9.3 The company has the authority, but is not obligated, to use some of the recordings / records, for any purpose that seems fit to The company, including the resolution of disputes which might arise between the parties.
9.4 It is explicitly made clear that all the recordings and/or the documentation are the exclusive property of The company and it will have not obligation to transfer a copy to any factor, excluding when required to do so by a government authority.

10. Risks Acknowledgment

10.1 All the transactions will be done at your own risk and by you. The company will not be liable for any loss, damage or debt you will incur as a direct or indirect result of activities which will be executed according to this agreement. In order to remove any doubt, in any event, any sum you will claim from The company will not exceed the sum of the collateral.
10.2 You hereby declare that you are aware that a basic and prior precondition to this agreement relates to the right of The company to close at any time, without prior notice, any transaction you performed, if your portfolio shows low value of collateral, as computed towards the fluctuations in the exchange rates which were presented by the financial information systems.
10.3 The customers gives his consent in advance that in the event, of fluctuations in the financial markets, it would be impossible to perform transactions. He will not have any claim against the company and his account might slide into a negative balance, in this case the customer will have to repay The company any sum above the collateral, to cover the negative balance.
10.4 If the company provided the customer with credit, under his request, the company will be entitled, under its exclusive discretion, to close any transaction or part of the open transactions of the customer and the customer will have to pay the company any debt or loss which was caused from such activity.
10.5 The customer declares that it is impossible to provide responsibility from any one including the company for profit or no loss. The customer declares also that he did not receive such guarantee or promise form The company or from any of its directors, it employees or representatives and if he received such promise from anyone in the company, this promise must be regarded as illegal and given without authorization by the company. The customer declares that he did not enter this agreement based on responsibility or promise or any such representation for profit or loss.
10.6 Trading foreign exchange on margin carries a high level of risk, and may not be suitable for all investors
10.7 A high degree of leverage can work for the investor as well as against the investor
10.8 Before deciding whether or not to trade foreign exchange, the investor should carefully consider his/her investment objectives, level of experience, and risk appetite
10.9 There is a possibility that the investor could sustain a loss of some or all of his/her initial investment and therefore should only be undertaken with risk capital (funds that are not necessary to the survival or well-being of the user).
10.10The Client acknowledges that the Client has received no such guarantee from the Company, any of its representatives or any introducing agent, broker or other entity with whom the Client is conducting his/her account with the Company and has not entered into this agreement in consideration of, or in reliance on, any such guarantee or similar representation.

11. Reports and confirmations

11.1 The Company shall provide the following online reports: (1) Open Positions- a report presenting the account's open transactions; and (2) Account Statement: a report presenting the account's balance and statement at a given point in time
11.2 Reports of orders confirmation given by the customer and statements of the activity in the account, will be considered correct and obligating, if no objection was filed or a written dispute by the customer within three business days from their performance.

12. Performance Commissions,Fees, Refund of expenses and other charges

12.1 Client shall pay such brokerage fees, commissions, interest payments, bank fee like transfer commission, exchange commission, returned check commission and special service and all other fees arising out of the Company providing services hereunder in accordance with the Company’s fee schedule then in effect.
12.2 Commencing two (2) months from the date of opening an account, any of the Company’s client accounts, in which there have been no transactions (including, but not limited to, trading, , and deposits), for a set period of one (1) calendar month, will be considered as being inactive accounts. Inactive accounts will be charged a monthly fee of US$ 9.75 or the full amount of the free balance in the account if the free balance is less than US$ 9.75. There will be no charge if the free balance is zero.
12.3 Bonus scheme:
12.3.1 The Client may receive a bonus (the “Bonus”) in the amount of a certain percentage of his first deposit in USD (stated by his account manager) to his/her trading account.
12.3.2 The bonus can only be credited for the funds in fact present on the account at the moment of considering the application for a bonus.
12.3.3 The Client confirms that he/she receives the Bonus for himself/herself and not for members of his/her family. 12.3.4 The Client shall be entitled to withdraw the bonus only after executing a number of lots equal to 0.3*Bonus = number of lots required.
12.3.5 If a client requests to withdraw before executing the number of required lots, the bonus will be deducted from his total balance.
12.3.6 The client cannot request a withdrawal of funds until the trading volume, for the bonus received, has been executed.


13.1 The Client acknowledges that:
13.1.1 any market recommendations and information communicated to the Client by the Company or by any person within the offices of the Company, does not constitute an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy any Forex Market contract,
13.1.2 Such recommendation and information, although based upon information obtained from sources believed by the Company to be reliable, may be based solely on a broker’s opinion and such information may be incomplete and unverified. The Company makes no representation, warranty or guarantee as to, and shall not be responsible for, the accuracy or completeness of any information or trading recommendation furnished to the Client
13.2 The Client acknowledges that the Company and/or its officers, directors, affiliates, associates, stockholders or representatives may intend to buy or sell currencies, which are the subject of market recommendations furnished to the Client, and that the market position of the Company or any such officer, director, affiliate, associate, stockholder or representative may not be consistent with the recommendations furnished to the Client by the Company.
13.3 The Client acknowledges that the Company makes no representations concerning the tax implications or treatment of contracts;
13.4. The Client further acknowledges that in the event that the Client grants trading authority or control over the Client’s account to a third party ("Trading Agent"), whether on a discretionary or non-discretionary basis, the Company shall, in no way be responsible for reviewing the Client’s choice of such Trading Agent nor for making any recommendations with respect thereto.
13.5 If the Client gives the Trading Agent authority to exercise any of its rights over the Client’s account(s), the Client acknowledges that the Client does so at the Client’s own risk.

Deposit & Withdrawal Policy:

SunbirdFx currently accepts deposits as low as $200. You have the option of selecting a deposit method from the deposit page. Clients can currently make a deposit by credit and debit cards, as well as Wire Transfers and e-wallets.
Each trading account has a currency denomination. During registration, clients must decide if they would like to have their accounts in USD, EUR, or GBP. Once the account has been opened, the currency denomination cannot be changed.
SunbirdFx clients may request a withdrawal of funds at any time and for any reason. If you would like to make a withdrawal, please fill out a withdrawal request form. In order to ensure the successful processing of your withdrawal request, make sure that the form is complete and signed. You will receive a confirmation email once your request has been received.
Withdrawals can only be processed in the same currency used at the time of the client’s deposit. You must have sufficient funds in your SunbirdFx trading account in order for your withdrawal request to be successfully processed.
The funds will be withdrawn from the client’s SunbirdFx trading account, and transferred back to source of payment used by the client to make the initial deposit. When the withdrawal amount exceeds the amount of deposits made by the client, any amount beyond the deposit amount will be transferred to the client’s personal bank account by wire transfer.
SunbirdFx is proud to offer clients a fast withdrawal process. Clients receive withdrawn funds within business days from time the withdrawal request is approved. The minimum amount to withdraw is $100.

Refund And Cancellation Policy:

Arbitrage trading is not accepted in any type or form and will be considered as an illegal transaction.
The company covers its trades automatically, based on a mathematical calculation of exposure.
The company is entitle to cancel any trade, made outside of the automatic calculation for any reason it decides, no matter the or type of position.

Refund example:

The client is entitled for a full refund on his unused funds, in case the client lost his funds, there is no refunds for these funds and the company will not be held responsible. In order to receive the refund the client needs to present with a full KYC documents. After having those documents we will process the request and the company will refund the funds to the same deposit method given by the client at first within 7 days excluding transfer fees.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Paysafe transactions are processed by Blue Seal Ltd.
SunbirdFx reserves the right to impose deposit limits and deposit fees in its system.
When a withdrawal is performed, SunbirdFx reserves the rights to refund traders via one of the payment methods they used when initially funded their trading account.
SunbirdFx reserves the right to impose withdrawal limits and withdrawal fees in its system.
Withdrawals are paid through the original payment method that You used to deposit the money, subject to Our service providers’ rules and regulations. If We are unable to send the funds or any partial amount thereof back to the original payment method, We reserve the right to request You for an alternative payment method to where You would like Us to send the withdrawal. SunbirdFx shall not be held responsible for any fees charged by the receiver as it is stated herein.


The Client is solely responsible for all transactions in his account, including any transactions for deposit or withdrawal of funds by credit card, and is further responsible for the safeguarding of the password to his account. The Client is solely liable for any damages incurred as a result of an action or omission on the part of the Client which leads to improper and incorrect activity in his account.
Cancellation/withdrawal /refund of orders by the Client - If the Client requests cancellation of any order, the Company can only cancel such Client order if the Company has not acted upon such order.
The Company may levy a charge on transfers of funds to be credited to a Trading Account made by debit card or credit card. The company will charge the card without any delay. The Company will notify the Client of the amount of such charge before accepting instructions to draw payment.
Bonus policy: in order for the client to be able to withdrawal his profit in the case of receiving a bonus, he will need to answer a certain number of lots, The client will not be able to withdrawal his profit until certain amount of lots are done, only in the case the profit is tied with the bonus.
I hereby accept all the conditions stated in the present Agreement.
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